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Animal art for home and garden

Friends of Animal World | Furry Friendly

Artists celebrate the beauty of animals in all shapes and forms. In our Animal Statue Collection, we offer an assortment of sculptures with horses, dogs, cats, polar bears, brown bears, frogs, birds and many others. We’ve even…

Beauty in African Art

Beauty in African Art

Zulu Ceremonial African Spoon (Zoulou, late 19th century)The Zulu People live in what is now the South African province KwaZulu-Natal. Compared to other peoples in Africa, the Zulus did not produce a lot of sculptures. Most…

ancient egypt art replicas

Egyptian Art Replicas

Preserved in elaborate imperial tombs and pyramids, Egyptian sculptures and wall hangings offer insight into a culture which flourished in Upper and Lower Egypt four thousand years ago. Napoleon collected them for the Louvre when he…