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African Art

African art is a beauty all to itself. Smooth, voluminous shapes on face masks used for ceremony are only the beginning. They make unique carved spoons and family statues expressing intimacy. The art celebrates the plains, wildlife, and their agrarian lifestyle.

Beauty in African Art

Beauty in African Art

Zulu Ceremonial African Spoon (Zoulou, late 19th century)The Zulu People live in what is now the South African province KwaZulu-Natal. Compared to other peoples in Africa, the Zulus did not produce a lot of sculptures. Most of their artwork consisted of utensils like cutlery and head rests. But of what is known, their artwork is…

african art replicas

African Art Replicas

We celebrate the unique style of African cultural art. At the heart of African art is a unique interpretation of vibrant patterns and colors referring to particular regional areas or the majestic wildlife animals who inhabit the great plains and jungles. Some of our artworks are replicas of particular tribal pieces, while others pay homage…