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Animals are spontaneous, playful, and majestic. We love to watch them outdoors -- and also like to add animal artworks to our homes so that we can be close to nature. See them is soothing and tranquil transporting us off to the countryside, farms, African plains or remote seashores.

Animal art for home and garden

Friends of Animal World | Furry Friendly

Artists celebrate the beauty of animals in all shapes and forms. In our Animal Statue Collection, we offer an assortment of sculptures with horses, dogs, cats, polar bears, brown bears, frogs, birds and many others. We’ve even thrown a few “mythical beast animals” to remind you how animals are also present in ancient religions and mythology….

Pompon Animals | Famous in France

FRANCOIS POMPON (1855-1933): Receiving encouragement from Rodin, Francois Pompon (May 9, 1855 – May 6, 1933) sculpted animal statues such as the Polar Bear statue first displayed at the 1922 Salon d’Automne (Musee d’Orsay in Paris). The lumbering strength of the bear’s movement conveys its form, mass, and dimensionality suggestive of Rodin’s influence on Pompon. Pompon studied…