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Animal art for home and garden

Friends of Animal World | Furry Friendly

Artists celebrate the beauty of animals in all shapes and forms. In our Animal Statue Collection, we offer an assortment of sculptures with horses, dogs, cats, polar bears, brown bears, frogs, birds and many others. We’ve even thrown a few “mythical beast animals” to remind you how animals are also present in ancient religions and mythology….

great minds through the ages philosophers writers poets

Great Minds | Philosophers Writers Poets

Writers leave behind the tales of our past so that future generations have a beginning to start from that isn’t the very beginning. A gifted writer can fill our senses with anticipation within a few short words. Philosophers remind us there is something greater than the voices in our head. This Philosophers Writers Poets Collection illustrates the…

displaying art on pedestals and risers

Displaying Art on Display Pedestals

How do you showcase a masterpiece? By resting it on a stunning display stand. Museums use display pedestals in their galleries to protect them from foot traffic, control the temperature, and prevent visitors from touching the art. This facilitates a safe display of their precious objects in a secure case with illumination within an organized…

composers music in art

Celebrating Music in Art

When you first learn how to read and write music, you are introduced to the “Classical Greats” like Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and Brahms. Their scales and trills, harmonies and chords are the basis of many musical journeys. Below we illustrate a famous portrait of Mozart in Vienna, the music score of the…

stained glass adds light to room

Stained Glass as Sacred Art Form

Stained glass as sacred art form… From the 10th or 11th century, stained glass flourished as an art form used primarily in the decoration of churches and cathedrals. Stained glass windows enriched the spiritual quality of the otherwise dark church interiors and “let the light of God” shine in the sacred space. Today, stained glass…

museum jewelry heirlooms of ancesters

Museum Jewelry | Ancestral Heirlooms

The history of jewelry making dates back thousands of years. Through the craftsmanship of previous artisans preserved in museums, we have the remnants from earlier cultures of things they considered valuable and beautiful. Whether ancient Egyptian earrings, Greek bracelets, or Ancient Goddess necklaces, they are heirlooms of an earlier age and tokens of appreciation. Another…