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hieronymus bosch figurines by parastone

Bosch Hieronymus | Garden of Earthly Delights

From an artistic point of view, Hieronymus Bosch (Jeroen for short) the world famous brilliant forerunner of surrealism was in his day, unique and radically different. Bosch was born (ca. 1450-1516) during the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in the Duchy of Brabant, Netherlands. Bosch places visionary images in a…

Pompon Animals | Famous in France

FRANCOIS POMPON (1855-1933): Receiving encouragement from Rodin, Francois Pompon (May 9, 1855 – May 6, 1933) sculpted animal statues such as the Polar Bear statue first displayed at the 1922 Salon d’Automne (Musee d’Orsay in Paris). The lumbering strength of the bear’s movement conveys its form, mass, and dimensionality suggestive of Rodin’s influence on Pompon. Pompon studied…

baroque art bernini art verve religion

Bernini | Baroque Verve & Sprit

Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598 – 1680) was one of the most prolific and enduring artists of the Baroque era. His works capture the transience of the moment through an energetic portrayal of the characters as they twist and writhe in their narratives. He received commissions from popes and monarchs alike creating innovative sculptures, paintings, and architecture…

van gogh starry night painter

Van Gogh | Starry Night

The Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) is legendary for his heavy impasto application of paint, brilliant colors, and vibrant swirling brush strokes. His heavily textural and colorful painting style expressed his opinion that Impressionism did not provide one with enough freedom to convey one’s emotions. Instead, he took brush in hand and raw paint on his…

Degas Ballerinas Dance Impressionism

Degas Ballerina Replicas

EDGAR DEGAS (1834-1917): Together with Monet the founder of French Impressionism, Edgar Degas was famous for his innovative compositions in his paintings and later in his sculptures — including the Fourteen Year Old Little Dancer Statue at right. In his sculpture, he searched for “truth” — accuracy of movements and posture. Degas created a tremendous…

frank lloyd wright architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright | American Architect

As one of the greatest 20th-century American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy is apparent in architectural and decorative elements throughout the modern age. He was a pioneer in Modern Architecture and possibly the greatest American architect. He created innovative uses for building materials which contributed to a building’s unique purpose and location. He is credited with…

rodin the kiss thinker french sculptor

Rodin | Timeless Human Expression

Auguste Rodin has been appreciated for decades as one of the pre-eminent Realist sculptors of the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century. Rodin’s goal, as he put it, was “to render inner feelings through muscular movement.” He achieved this aim by joining his profound knowledge of anatomy and movement with special attention to the body’s surfaces,…

Modigliani Jeanne Heburtene Women

Modigliani | Female Forms Abstract Elongated

The elongated forms and simple linear features — eclectically borrowed from African and oceanic tribal masks, medieval carvings and classical sculpture — show how for Modigliani the primitive could be decisively modern. Amedeo Modigliani’s work is recognized immediately by many people because of the typical elongated shapes. His paintings show his passion for sculpting, a…

escher patterns mesmerize

Escher Fascinates with Repeating Patterns

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was a 20th century Dutch graphic artist recognized for his unique interpretation of repeating patterns (tessellations), impossible architecture, and skills in woodcutting and lithography. Although lacking formal training in math or science, he was greatly appreciated by mathematicians, scientists, and crystallographers for his intuitive capacity for transforming geometric shape into a workable and…