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medieval tapestries lady and unicorn bayeux

Medieval Tapestry – Bayeux, Lady Unicorn

Wall tapestries have been a functional art form since the middle ages. Artisans first stitched and wove on looms decorative scenes of nature, leadership, and religion. They are an extension of ancient wall frescoes interpreted in woven thread. Usually completed on a large scale for royalty within a workshop, they were hung on castle walls…

Medieval Art Gargoyles Cathedrals Knights

Medieval Knights Gargoyles Cathedrals

Medieval Art encompasses the Middle Ages period — roughly 1100 to 1400 AD. It is a period of European history which has many facets of development in building cathedrals, crusades, serfs and royal landowners, wars about Christianity and territorial gain. KNIGHT IN ARMOR – During medieval times, the knight profession gained immense strength and endurance….