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displaying art on pedestals and risers

Displaying Art on Display Pedestals


How do you showcase a masterpiece? By resting it on a stunning display stand. Museums use display pedestals in their galleries to protect them from foot traffic, control the temperature, and prevent visitors from touching the art. This facilitates a safe display of their precious objects in a secure case with illumination within an organized floor plan for visitor flow..

The display below has lighting above the artifact to offer an enhanced view of the object. The lights are UV safe to keep the artwork in a preserved condition. At below right, a sculpture also be illustrated with a dust cover. This is more practical in a home display. The height of the pedestal elevates the artwork to a comfortable viewing level. For larger objects the base will be shorter. For small pieces, it will be taller to bring the details closer to the visitors’ eyes.

museum display bases
Museum display with artifacts showcased.
pedestal displays in museum
Display pedestal for displaying art in your home or office.

Art Galleries also like to place their objects on display stands. By placing one object or a grouping of several related objects, they emphasize the beauty of the art and add visual individuality to the object amidst a group of artworks. Below we see a contemporary art gallery with abstract sculptures place on impromptu wooden blocks spread out comfortable distance for walking up to the artwork and around them.

modern art gallery
Reusable plain square bases work with all types of art without taking attention away from the artwork.

To update a home space, add a classical column to add grandeur and old world style. The column bases have ancient designs such as fluting, decorative capitals, and carved vegetal patterns.

classical column display pedestals
Classical world style columns displays for vases, art work, sculptures and home decor.



Special works of art deserve an Acrylic Dust Cover.

The dust cover protects the art work and reminds visitors not to touch. It also provides a focus point for your special art work giving it a stately presence.

Size: 12″H x 10.5″W x 10.5″D.

museum replicas from our store

We sell a variety of display stands for art work: pedestals, risers, bases, and covered stands. Our offerings have been displayed at trade shows, galleries and in homes. Some of the pedestals are classical columns in the style of ancient classical traditions.