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museum jewelry heirlooms of ancesters

Museum Jewelry | Ancestral Heirlooms

The history of jewelry making dates back thousands of years. Through the craftsmanship of previous artisans preserved in museums, we have the remnants from earlier cultures of things they considered valuable and beautiful. Whether ancient Egyptian earrings, Greek bracelets, or Ancient Goddess necklaces, they are heirlooms of an earlier age and tokens of appreciation.

One of our favorite museum jewelry necklaces is this costume jewelry replica of Anne Boleyn’s B initial necklace. Pearls were one of the most popular items of jewelry in the Tudor era and were worn by both Anne Boleyn and her daughter Queen Elizabeth I. Pearls were worn in a string, as a single pearl or a combination of both. This would enhance a Renaissance costume of a lovely maiden.

 Anne Boleyn at Hever Castle, c. 1550

Replica necklace, PN 8001

Another favorite of a different era is this replica of the Reindeer Scythian Stag Brooch, is taken from a plaque of Scythian art work (late 7th – early 6th century BC). In the eastern region, stags and felines were considered to be appropriate decorations for weapons. The reindeer is a recurrent theme among the ancient pastoral tribes who dominated Eastern Europe and Central Asia during the first millennium BC.

Replica, PN 5119

From the era of early Greece, this star symbol with sixteen rays is the national Macedonian royal symbol of Phillip of Macedon, Alexander the Great, and the ancient Macedonian Empire. It is also known as the Macedonian Star, Macedonian Sun, Sun of Vergina, and Star of Vegina, after Macedonian royal tombs.

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