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Hindu Spiritual Renewal Ganesh Lakshmi

Hindu Deities Offer Renewal & Guidance


India and Nepal have the largest grouping of people who follow Hinduism which is a diverse set of ideas on religion and traditions. It is based on guiding principals for a proper way of life that includes duties, emotions, sexuality and liberation. These goals are reaches through devotion learned from sacred texts with stories about the deities. They do not have an organized religion per say, with no governing book or hierarchical order. They pay respect to a variety of Hindu gods, mostly indigenous to early Indian folk religion and may be monotheistic or polytheistic.

Some well known Hindu deities include:

Ganesh is the elephant headed God of Wisdom and Success. As the defender and remover of obstacles, he has to be propitiated first before worshiping other Gods. His elephant head is believed to be an emblem of wisdom.

Lakshmi is praised daily to promote the well being and prosperity of the family and home. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wisdom, wealth, and fortune. She is one of the most worshipped goddess in the Hindu religion because she represents happiness among friends and family, food, marriage and children. Her representations can be found in Buddhist monuments as well as Hindu temples.

Shiva, the destroyer, is one of the Hindu triad of great gods, worshiped by gods, demons, humans, and animals alike. Shiva is usually represented in deep meditation on Mount Kailash, his traditional home. In the form of Nataraj, the god of dance, Shiva dances on the body of a slain demon.

Shiva Hindu God Statue
Supreme god in Hinduism / creator and destroyer

Within the lands of India and Nepal, there is a spectacle of color and beauty in a highly ornamental decor style. Below, this colorful temple has multiple levels, bright colors and carved sculptures of their beloved pantheon of the gods. Other landmarks such as this temple at right have large towers for sacred relic surmounted by golden tops. In Dawali, the people celebrate bright colors and a joy for life by throwing pigments into the crowds.

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In Hinduism, the depictions of the deities are often ornamental with elaborate headpieces and costumes, showing vibrant movement or dance, and demonstrating a graceful inner serenity. We offer a collection of Ganesh, Lakshmi, and Shiva statues along with perfumes, oils, and incense sticks for propitiating the gods for approval.