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stained glass adds light to room

Stained Glass as Sacred Art Form

Stained glass as sacred art form…

From the 10th or 11th century, stained glass flourished as an art form used primarily in the decoration of churches and cathedrals. Stained glass windows enriched the spiritual quality of the otherwise dark church interiors and “let the light of God” shine in the sacred space. Today, stained glass images come in both religious and secular, and are enjoyed as home decor.
church altar with stained glass
The stained glass at altar imbues the church space with a holy light.
stained glass light stream
Sacred light from the stained glass windows.

museum replicas from our store

Stained Glass Panels are all fine quality glass made from a kiln-fired process which are guaranteed to never fade. They are collectible scale replicas of famous stained glass panels installed around the world such as by artists Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany. Others items are famous paintings adapted to stained glass such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Klimt’s The Kiss.